Mackie 2 Active Sub Bass 2 Active Top Speakers £160

A full range Mackie active sound system to make your night rock!

With a total power of 2200 watts RMS this package is good for a larger audience where the sound is important.

Ideal for DJ’s and bands.

Very portable and reasonably light for such a powerful system.

All cables and poles are provided.

You have a choice of either the 15″ or 18″ bass bins.

2 x Mackie SRM450 V3 speakers

2 x Mackie SRM1550 or Mackie SRM1850 bass bins

2 x Speaker poles

How does the hire process work? Payment for the hire can be paid on card together with a small refundable cash deposit on collection. Please bring a current UK driving license or passport as proof of ID. Please call 0115 8410056 for more information.